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How Astrology Influences Your Love Marriage?

Nowadays love marriages are very common and so also the queries related to it are also increasing. If you want to know whether or not you will have a love marriage, then follow the give 5 simple steps below. Through astrology, you can predict whether you will have a love marriage or not. So, let's get started with some simple steps:


Love Marriage Astrology


Love marriages are getting very common nowadays and so does the questions related to it. If you want to know whether you will have a Love Marriage than follow these 5 simple steps given below and if you identify them in your horoscope. You can simply open your horoscope and study them according to instructions to know whether you are destined to have love marriage or not.


7th house condition and your 7th house lord position


7th house is the most important house which tells everything about your marriage including the type of marriage. Some of the planets influences like Venus, Mars and moon in your 7th house will help in getting a life partner of your own choice. If the planet doesn't have influence you can check the position of the 7th house lord. If the 7th house lord is making any relationship with those planets then there is a possibility that you will marry your lover. In addition, if your 7th house lord is in 1st, 5th, and 12th house then there is a strong possibility that you will marry somebody who is well known to you before marriage.


Focus on the planet Venus


Venus is a great significator of love and romance. Therefore, you should carefully check where the planet Venus is placed in your horoscope and its association with other planets and house lords. If Venus is in 1st, 5th, 7th, 8th, 10th or 12th house of your horoscope then it will influence you to have love affairs and some other factors also result in love marriages. If Venus is seen associated with planets like Rahu and mars then people possess a tendency to go against other people to marry their love interest.


Keep an eye on Moon


Like Venus, planet moon has also the big effect on your marriage. When the moon is under the influence of Venus and Mars it can make anyone interested in the opposite sex. If Moon is placed on 5th, 7th or 12th house then chances increases of marrying your own interest.




When UpapadaLagana is possessed by the planet Venus, mars, moon or by putrakaraka, then there is a strong possibility for love marriage.


One important point always to remember is to look at the 5th house and the lord it is occupied by. In some instances, even if you are having other suitable combinations, if this house is afflicted then you may not be able to have a love marriage. For better prediction about your marriage, it is best to consult a good astrologer like Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji; well-known Black magic expertVashikaran Specialistkala jadu consultant. He will help you in knowing about your marriage and also other issues in your life.

How to Detect Kala Jadu in Your House and How to Get Rid Of It?

Kala Jadu is the use of supernatural powers carried out for fulfilling some evil or selfish purposes. In respect to the left-hand path and right-hand path opposition, Kala jadu is the opposite spiteful foil of generous white magic.


Now coming back to the topic of how to know if your house is under the effect of Kala jadu?


Kala jadu specialists put the negative energy into your house, thereby making you most uncomfortable in the place where you are supposed to feel very comfortable and relaxed. There are certain signs that will indicate that your house is being affected by Kala jadu. Have a look at the following signs:


  • You will hear knocking sound in your door and window.
  • You will often see some unexplained lights
  • You may hear some voices in your house which stops when you try to figure out from where it is coming.
  • Stuff may be moving in their own inside the house.
  • Some objects may fall off from their real position without any reason.
  • Lights may turn on and off on their own.
  • You may feel very uncomfortable and disturbed in your home.
  • Tulsi- Growing tulsi plant in a pot is a great way to know if you have ill effects of Kala jadu in your home or not. If a Tulsi plant grows very easily and flourishes, then your house is perfectly right but if the plant is struggling to grow and not at all surviving for long, then your house is under the effect of some evil eye.

Mostly, all those signs of Kala jadu at your home occurs when you are not at home and you will only observe after coming back home. Although this also signs that your house may be haunted but it also indicated Kala jadu spells on your home.


Now once you identify these symptoms you should instantly take measures to get rid of Kala jadu effects. Here are few remedies to eradicate the ill effects of Kala jadu:


Light a lamp with neem oil in your home


Light a lamp with neem oil and make it face either east or north on daily basis just after sunset. It is one of the best ways to put bad energy out of your house and also protects the house from any sort of negative energy. For reap maximum results, you should keep all doors and windows of your house shut until one hour after you lit the lamp. Allow the lamp to lit till two hours and continue this process for 1 month. See how your house feels and after certain weeks how you are feeling, are you still sensing the negative energy or whether there is some change. If there is not much change then you should start mixing neem oil with til oil and then light the lamp every day for at least three complete months to completely eradicate the bad effects of Kala jadu.


House spells


There are various spells that you can recite for removing the bad energy from your house. Along with spells you need some dried herbs of mint, rosemary and sea salt. Take a large bucket and the take this herbs and mix. While mixing recite these spells "Herbs of luck sublime, cleanse this home of mine, good fortune blesses this place, so we dwell with a happy face.". Then in the next morning after waking up sprinkle this mixture all over your house and allow it to stay till night and then sweep up outside, burn and bury it under the soil. This will neutralize the negative effects of Kala jadu.


If you don't want to do eradication work by yourself then it is better to consult a Kala jadu specialist for carrying out the work. Pandit Keshav Maharaj is one of the renowned Black magic expertVashikaran SpecialistLove marriage specialist in India, London UK, USA, Canada, Australia.

Through Astrology You Can Have a Successful And Happy Marriage

We all are living in the 21st century and falling in love is very common nowadays. Today in this modern world girls and boys are getting equal opportunity to study together, work together and they meet each other on daily basis. This meeting sometimes gets converted into a strong attraction for each other and finally results in love for each other. While some people fall in love just for passing time and forget each other as time passes by but some people are there who become too serious for each other and want to spend their whole life with each other. In a love marriage, most of the time parents' consent is secondary and the bride and groom consent is more important. In love marriages often matching the horoscope is avoided because of their strong consent and they also don't consider other aspects. But according to astrology, it is true that a marital life is highly affected by horoscope.


The planetary positions in both bride and groom's horoscope affect the love relationship and the marriage sustainability. Vedic and Indian astrology says that man is from Mars and women are from Venus. The fifth house on the horoscope is for romance and love and the 7th house is for marriage. When any kind of connection occurs between this it results in a love marriage. The planet Venus is for love and romance and it always designates your desires in your life. But when there is no connection between these two houses then it will result in various complications in marriage life and this type of relationship often ends up in divorce.


When Venus is weakened in the ascendant, then most of the times cause tension, marital dissatisfaction, separation, disease. But is such Venus is exalted in a Navamsha Kundali, then there is a high chance that bad influences will not occur? Another situation is when the 7th lord is very weak, then also Venus is incapacitated and marital life is disturbed and leads to many problems like divorce, separation, progeny problems. When the moon is afflicted, several negative behaviours are seen in native. The courage and capability for expressing love are because of mars and Venus is responsible for getting attracted to the opposite sex. But when both of this planet is in conjunction with each other it results in love marriage failure.


Therefore, it is very important to match your horoscope before marriage, if you want a happy and long-lasting relationship. If you are facing any kind of problem in your love marriage then astrology has a remedy for any kind of problem. You must take help of these remedies to make your life better and happier. Wondering how to get this kind of remedies? Well! You must consult a good love marriage specialist astrologer. Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji is one of the great astrologers with many years of experience in the same field with thousands solution for your problems. Consult Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji; kala jadublack magic & Vashikaran Specialist today to get the most effective solution for your marital problems.

Know How To Remove The Black Magic Effect?

You always have a magnificent streak of awful fortunes but since few days it appears like everything is going wrong. Then do you know somebody who can do anything only to cause you harm? Do you dwell in a place or a society that is soaked with philosophical and enigmatic symbolizations? If your answer is yes, then you might be conceived by some sort of black magic spells. It is possible that without your knowledge someone might be holding very bad thoughts against you. Most of them believe that black magic can never harm them and they are immune to the bad effects of black magic but actually they can fall into the pitfall.


Here are a few things with the help of which you can protect yourself from the ill effects of black magic:


Strengthen your spiritual protection


You should always keep yourself protected from the unwanted black magic. Long ago, the black magic practitioners were isolated and they stay in very small communities in Haiti, Africa. But now at present, it is at an epidemic level. A person who is quite envious of you can hire a black magic expert and spell on you for negative effects. Therefore, it is important to fortify your spiritual shield on regular basis. You should keep your home environment very clean and clear by burning incense and sage. You should keep your mind clean as well by meditation as well as inspirational reading. This practice will help you in keeping yourself protected from unwanted black magic effects.


Sea salt


In our earth salt is considered as a mineral that has been hailed long ago for its capability of eradicating and filtering lands. Salt is also a major part of the pickling process that keeps the vegetables protected from decay. In that way salt keeps you protected against black magic. You can sprinkle salt in every corner of your home and every border. Or else you can keep a small bowl of salt with a small crystal in it. The crystal intensifies the salts protective radius.


Invoke the power of an amulet


An amulet is an ornament that helps in repelling negative energy and the bad effects of black magic. Amulets can be very small that you can either wear it like jewellery or you can carry them in your pockets. Amulets can also be a part of your home décor. It helps in repulsing the black magic and malicious creatures.


Mirror energy spell


A mirror spell can easily turn the black magic towards the castor. For this, you can leave a black candle flame lit in the mirror front all through the night in your room. Black will absorb negativity and the mirror will send the black magic back to the place from where it came. While the candle is still burning you can purify the mirror with salt water.


With these ways, you can easily protect yourself from the ill effects of black magic but still, if you need assistance for it then you can consult a kala jadu, black magic & Vashikaran Specialist like Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji, who possess the required skills and experience, who will help you for black magic removal.

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Keshav Maharaj Ji Kala Jadu Expert Specialist Astrologer offers solutions to Kala Jadu problems in London UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Punjab India.

How to Know That Somebody is under the Effect of Black Magic

Black magic is very common nowadays all over the world and it is known by several names like sorcery, Jadoo, witchcraft, curses, magic spells etc. Mostly it is utilized for fulfilling evil purposes and is done by invoking evil spirits power. Black magic was initiated in the world of spirit. When someone masters the art of black magic, they will be able to perform the acts very easily. They follow an intricate system of spells for a long period of time on the concerned people. What they do is they invoke the evil spirits from the spirit world, carry out rituals and try to bind their spells with the underground world. Sometimes they also do animal sacrifices. Then they come in touch with these spirits and even try to command these spirits to do whatever they want.


The black magic experts can easily get information about anyone by using these spirits and use this information for harming individuals. They can easily do mental torture as well as physical torture to people they want. Those people who are jealous, angry or hate some of their friends, colleagues or even family members take help of black magic to harm.


If you are thinking about how it is carried out? Well! it is done by making the victim to eat or drink the food or beverage that is already bound with black magic. A victim's photograph can be used for carrying out the work. Some experts even make a liquid spell that is again spilt over a piece of land to generate a black magic curse.


Now how you can recognize a person is under black magic effect:


Every black magic spells have some specific purpose for which there are endless symptoms of black magic. It differs from individual to individual depending on their life situations, mental state and overall health. However, some of the common symptoms of black magic are


  • Mysterious thrilling weight loss or gain
  • Dreadful headaches
  • Blindness
  • Eyes whirling grey
  • Inability to sleep
  • Sadness
  • Feeling negative energy pondering down on them
  • Very bad smell
  • Confiscations
  • Undue tears
  • Baffling irritability, annoyance and sensitive imbalance
  • Inexplicable infertility
  • One or more incidents of miscarriage
  • Incapability to menstruate in women
  • Unexplained feebleness
  • Bad body odour
  • The growth of skin conditions
  • The incidence of nightmares
  • Acting angry and not memorizing
  • Fail to recall incidents and flashes of life
  • Variations invoice
  • Changes in advent
  • Pandering in excess alcohol, drugs, violence.
  • Paranoia

Sometimes the black magic victim also experiences some sort of supernatural symptoms like


  • Hearing whisper voices
  • While sleeping feeling like somebody is sleeping is next to them.
  • Feeling like somebody is calling their name
  • Experiencing paranormal activities.
  • Shadows around them.
  • Hearing door knocking sounds.

Thus, this is some of the common symptoms that indicate that a person is under the effect of black magic. If you want to get some effective black magic remedies then it is better to consult a black magic expert like Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji, who will provide you with many affordable solutions for getting rid of black magic spells.


Seek advice from Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji; best Vashikaran Specialist, Black Magic Removal & Kala Jadu Expert today if you want quick relief from problems related to your love life.

Want To Get Your Lost Love Back? Try Vashikaran Spells

Before knowing how to get back your lost love back by Vashikaran spells, you should first know what is this Vashikaran spells?


Well! Vashikaran is a procedure of molding spells on a particular man or women to make that person attracted towards you. If a person is not capable of convincing a person about his true love then taking help of Vashikaran can be really useful. You can win that person by taking charge of his or her willpower through Vashikaran spells. That person, in turn, will love you in the way you want.


Now let's discuss how this Vashikaran actually works?


Vashikaran actually works by some Vashikaran mantras that a doer is required to chant for some days. These mantras are actually chanted on foods and then you can either feed this energized food to the concerned person or you can eat it yourself. In either case, the procedure is distinct. If you want to know in details about Vashikaran, then it's better to consult a Vashikaran specialist. Pandit Keshav Maharaj is one such famous Vashikaran specialist from whom you can get the most fruitful Vashikaran spells along with free consultation. Once you start this process of Vashikaran, after few days you will be able to see significant changes that go in favour of you. Mostly, Vashikaran is performed on a man or a woman for wooing her for either having a love affair or for marriage.


Vashikaran for getting your lost love back


If your love partner has left you for some uncommon reasons or if your relationship is over, and you are really upset with all this then you should try to get your lost love by taking help of a Vashikaran specialist. It doesn't matter whether the other person wants to come back or not, Vashikaran will make it possible in all situations. Vashikaran specialist pandit Keshav Maharaj ji offers powerful spells to you and you will get your love back. All the pains and sufferings because of lost love will go instantly.


Not only that if your love is with you but every other day some problem is arising, then that can also be solved by Vashikaran spells. Some common problems that can be solved by Vashikaran are:


  • All kinds of love, fights and disputes between you and your partner.
  • Your partner's illicit relationship.
  • Negative impacts of black magic on your relationship.
  • The difference that is arising between you and your partner because of the long-distance relationship.
  • Problems related to love marriage.

But above all Vashikaran is a risky process as it involves our universe spiritual forces. If it is not cast in a perfect way then its impact is reversed. So, if you want to avoid the negative impact of Vashikaran then you should consult a qualified astrologer and Vashikaran specialist like Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji. Because of him, many people have got tremendous benefit in their love life.


Consult Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji; best Vashikaran Expert, Black Magic Removal & Kala Jadu Specialist today if you want quick relief from problems related to your love life.

How Can Black-Magic be Used for Bringing True Love in Life?

Black magic is very powerful and possesses the high potential to bring anything you want in your life. Whether your true love has left you or you are in search of a new love in your life the black magic rituals can easily accomplish this for you. All your love desires that have to remain unfulfilled will be met by using spells of black magic. Wondering how?


At first, you must know what is this black magic? Well! black magic consists of few processes in which all the dark energies are collected and then they are utilized for fulfilling your love desires. These black magic rituals are made to perform by a black magic astrologer who has proper knowledge of black magic and about the benefits, you will get by performing these rituals.


Black magic astrologer Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji


Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji is a well-recognized astrologer and a praiseworthy practitioner of black magic. His highly effective black magic totkas for any issues have been used and accepted as fruitful by several million people in India. He shows a very welcoming gesture to all his customers and makes them feel highly comfortable and free in telling their own personal problems. He is well versed with all the powers and magic that falls under rituals of black magic. Because of this knowledge as well as experience, all his magic powers does welfare for people.


Cast Black magic spell if you want your love back or a true lover in your life


With the help of powerful black magic spell by Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji, you can easily possess any person in the world. All you have to do is follow his instructions properly and accurately. Very fewer things are needed for casting like candle, needle, photograph, voodoo doll etc. After accomplishing the ritual successfully, you can feel the difference in the desired person. You must be thinking how it affects the particular person? Well! that particular person will lose control from his mind as well as emotions and will hand over him to you. You, in turn, can make the person to act in the way you want and can have complete control in his body as well as conscience. Let's have a discussion on some of the positive effects of black magic:


  • You can easily awaken the love feeling in the desired person
  • The strong black magic spells will let the other person feel amorous for you.
  • You can easily get back your lost or betrayed boyfriend or girlfriend in your life if you want.
  • If you are too possessive for your partner and want someone to stop being over-friendly with him or her, then black magic spells can easily carry our this.

So, if you have been always betrayed in your love life and wants a true love in your life then nothing other than black magic can give you a solution and help you in getting a true lover quickly and without much effort. Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji love solutions through Black Magic will offer you many effectual solutions for all of your issues in addition to love issues.


Pandit Keshav Maharaj Ji; one of the best Kala Jadu SpecialistBlack Magic Removal & Vashikaran Expert offers astrology services in USA, London UK, Australia, Canada, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Punjab India.

How Does Astrology Help To Get Your Love Back?

Love hurts the hardest when the one you love is out of your way. But you are not that busy feeling sad for yourself, you should make yourself busy by thinking ways through which you can get your love back again in your life. Yes, it is true and possible. Wondering how? Well! by following certain basic rules, you can win back your love again.


  • Keep patience
  • Don't show needy
  • Keep your dignity
  • Keep up with your own life
  • Maintain your own personal appearance.

Sometimes just moving with your own personal life happily will be enough for your love to think about you. As said, timing is everything. But if you want to increase the chance of winning your love again fast, then you should take help of astrology through a good astrologer. Some dates and times are good than others for approaching your love and having a happy ending.


Let's have a discussion on what astrology says about dates and times for approaching or for some particular work in love.


Retrograde romance


The best time for getting your love back again according to astrology is when Mercury (planet for communication) and Venus (planet of love) retrograde. When these planets appear like spinning backwards, people become more contemplative and thoughtful about their relationships and things from the past are more likely to resurface. This means your ex-lover will be thinking about you more. Now the question comes when such times come? Well! each year Mercury spins reversely three or four times and Venus every 18 months. During the retrograde period of mercury, time is not good for starting a new relationship but to find your ex back. It's the time when they might be wondering whether they have done well by breaking up with you and based on your behaviour they may realize they have done something wrong. When Venus retrogrades, it is one of the powerful times for getting your lost love back. Its time you should remain cool and allow your love to come back. It is a potential time for re-emerging your lost love. SO, remain focus, happy and confident and watch how your relationship is developing again.


Keep a watch on Venus


When Venus retrogrades it’s no doubt a powerful tool for love but in addition to that when Sun transits through the signs, at that time also Venus rules. This occurs in the month of April/May and September/October every year thereby making those months perfect time for getting your love back. For getting information about these times you should look astrological calendar and accordingly prepare your move.




These are the angles that the planet makes to each other and if you will keep eyes on these angles, you will gain knowledge when you will have better luck in love. When Sun. Moon or Planets form squares it gives the green light for getting your love back.


Thus, by now you must have gained knowledge about time and ways to get your love back based on astrology. But if you will take help of an astrologer then your work will become easier and faster. Pandit Keshav Maharaj ji, is one of the well-known Vedic astrologers who provides excellent astrology services to customers located all over the world. He caters to people facing issues in their love life.


Keshav Maharaj Ji; one of the best Kala Jadu ExpertBlack Magic Removal & Vashikaran Specialist offers astrology services in London UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kerala, Kolkata, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Punjab India.


Consult him today if you want your love back in your life!

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Get Your Love Back | Vashikaran Specialist | Black Magic Astrologer | Kala Jadu Expert

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